We can earn more together!

Zeamster is your premier API-First Payment Gateway partner!

We’re seeking partnerships with qualified applicants as resellers. Earn recurring revenue when you sell Zeamster to businesses. Every time we get paid, so do you! Zeamster works with thousands of ISVs, ISOs, and Merchants for seamless gateway integrations with a “white glove service” guarantee. Through a simple and quick integration process, we provide the customization and flexibility that our partners need. We provide a tailored gateway for every industry.


Zeamster offers unique, advanced technologies for:

  • Cloud EMV
  • POS Hardware Integration
  • Tokenization & Recurring Payments
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting
  • Customer Portals
  • IVR
  • Configurable User Interfaces
  • Robust Web-Based Virtual Terminal Solutions

Reseller Alliance

If you are an ISO, MSP, ISV, Web Designer, or IT architect, it will be beneficial for you to become a Zeamster Reseller. You can then include Zeamster’s state-of-the-art payment acceptance capabilities as a package with your services!

Add customer accounts

As a Zeamster reseller, you can set up your own customer accounts within Zeamster.

Gain from each account

Every time your client pays their monthly service fee, we cut you in on the deal. That means, you continue to make money on every account every month.

You have our support

We’ll supply marketing materials, training information, special discounts, and more.

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