Be great, integrate

Be great, integrate!

Developers – would you like to add our powerful payment features to your custom app? Zeamster’s API is here for you. You can fully integrate Zeamster’s top-level secure billing and payment options and receive push notifications back to your application and so much more.
It’s a great way to include the payment process for your customers from within, without having to do all the heavy lifting of security and compliance that these types of financial transactions require.

Zeamster API also includes:

Stay “Out of Scope” for PCI compliance. You can “Just say NO” when asked if you want to transmit sensitive credit card data.
REST API can be used to integrate from any programming language.
Total support for your Primary Keys. No need to change your database scheme.
All you have to do is register and we’ll assign you a client ID and client secret.
Then, you’ll need to have your app authenticated and authorized for use with Zeamster.
Finally, you’ll be able to send requests to Zeamster API and the payments will go through.

Sure, there is more geeky stuff you need to know which can be found here.